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"A Year in our town



A program developed by Gosford City Library Children's & Young adult team to support:



The International Year of Reconciliation 2009



In this Year of Reconciliation with the theme "Reconciliation: it’s all our story" we believe we can promote communication between communities utilising the public library network.


We see that the first step to the reconciliation process between any groups is knowledge and understanding.

          With a focus on regional communities the program aims to provide a voice for young people.

                    The stories captured over a year will highlight the culture, diversity, issues and strengths of each community.

                                   It is hoped that these insights into individual towns will give country, city and coastal communities a better understanding of each other.


What is reconcilition?



"Reconciliation is a multi-layered process. At its core, it is about addressing the divisions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians – divisions that have been caused by a lack of respect, knowledge and understanding."...


"We recognise that reconciliation is, and must continue to be, a People’s Movement that can inspire and effect changes in the way that      Indigenous and non-Indigenous people live together in this country."         (NSW Reconciliation Council website)


Read the letter of support for the program from the NSW Reconciliation Council



Participating NSW Public and school libraries :

Click on a library from below to read the monthly entries!







Glen Innes 



Gosford City Library

Great Lakes Library Service







Check out our town- Gosford City  @   www.gosford.nsw.gov.au


 claire.stuckey@gosford.nsw.gov.au or Sharon.Drayton@gosford.nsw.gov.au  


 Call 02 43047013 or 02 43047009















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